Jelly Donut Earrings 2014-09-13T17:52:21+00:00
Ruby in Zoisite carved pendant 2018-05-07T21:10:59+00:00
Jelly Opal and Green Diamond Ring 2014-09-13T17:23:33+00:00
Keystone Engagement and Wedding band set 2014-09-14T01:00:32+00:00
Uvarovite Garnet Hinged Cuff Bracelet 2014-09-14T05:42:26+00:00
Jade Rockstar Ring 2014-09-14T00:54:40+00:00
Lab Grown Green Sapphire Ring with diamonds and zircons. 2014-09-14T05:41:51+00:00
Watermelon Tourmaline Ring 2018-05-07T21:11:00+00:00
Gemstone Moon Bands 2014-09-14T00:15:43+00:00
Tourmaline Wave Band in 14K gold 2014-09-14T05:30:29+00:00